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Yoga classes
One of the classical yoga styles, which benefits the entire body and all its systems. The aim of Hatha yoga is to bring the body and the mind together in perfect harmony and balance. Every asana can be adjusted for a complete beginner or upgraded to an experienced practitioner allowing continuous progress.
Hatha Flow
One of the classical yoga styles, which benefits the entire body and all its systems. The aim of Hatha yoga is to bring the body and the mind together in perfect harmony and balance. Every asana can be adjusted for a complete beginner or upgraded to an experienced practitioner allowing continuous progress.
Slow Hatha
This class contains flowing posters that are changed in a slower rhythm. The idea of the practice is to give an opportunity to the students to listen to their bodies, to create a space within themselves to connect deeply to their inner self.
Yin Yoga
The static phase of each pose is much longer than the usual Hatha yoga style to activate much deeper layers and smaller muscles which almost never work in our daily life. There are plenty of benefits working with the body on that level as the oxygen supply increases significantly in connective tissues and ligaments detoxing and healing them.
Yoga Therapy
Due to modern lifestyle ailments, this class was developed to recover from and minimize those harmful effects of stressful life in a big city. Therapeutic modifications were done to common yoga poses to re-balance bodily systems. Its softer and slower practice aiming to restore the energy flow in the body and listen to its needs. 
Full Body Sculpt
Suitable for those who want to perfect their muscle structure and are ready to put effort and energy into that. It’s a very active workout involving the cardio system and most of the muscles of the core, back, and legs. It helps to develop endurance and stamina. When done regularly and to the full extend brings the most visible results in the body in a short time.
Power Flow
It’s a great class for those who want a change from gym practice to something gentler, yet powerful and strength developing. The class is fun and dynamic, it incorporates the athleticism of the Ashtanga yoga tradition, enhancing it with the fitness legacy of the last century.
Sun Vinyasa
Traditional yoga practice to awaken all systems of the body and prepare for an active day. Asanas are carefully prepared to ensure that the transition between bio-cycles of night and day are done in a gentle manner and by the end of the class the body is full of energy and can move more naturally and vigorously. 
Moon Vinyasa
It’s a beautiful and harmonic flow of postures rooted deeply in yoga heritage, but with a creative sequence. The main objective of the practice is to re-connect us to moon cycles thus allowing proper rest and restoration of nervous and cardiovascular systems.
Evening Stretching
A slow and gentle flow of yoga asanas releases the tension in your muscles accumulated through the day, promotes relaxation and good night sleep. Most of the poses are done in sitting or laying down positions allowing deep stretching without extra effort.
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Customized Yoga Therapy

1:1 time with your instructor to focus on specific areas for your personal development or specific health issues, who will prepare a customized flow for private lessons and your practice at home.

Aerial Yoga

You’ll be able to obtain a full body workout without any discomfort.

Aerial yoga class will definitely help you to safely stretch your muscles and tendons. Being suspended in the air gives you more space to move. This means you’ll be able to perform yoga poses that you can’t do on the floor. It also helps burn calories through the balance it takes to stay control in the silks. Being suspended in the air requires a stable core as you change positions in the air, studies show that aerial yoga rivals the effectiveness of aerobic exercise.

Healing and wellbeing

Our studio offers a range of different techniques and methods to awaken a natural body's ability to restore and self-heal.

Singing Bowls Meditation
Tibetan singing bowls are a very ancient tool to achieve a deep state of meditation even for unprepared people. Their specific vibration and sounds help the mind to relax, clear thoughts, and calm its frequencies to a very healing and peaceful state.
When it's done one on one it has a much stronger effect as the person is fully surrounded by the bowls. Also during a private session, the traditional meditation can be combined with a vibrational massage using the power of the bowls or with aromatherapy by request. Some couples like to experience this together as their energies are aligned in the process. Also, it's great for parent-child / siblings bonding time or close friends seeking spiritual experience together.
Mindful Tea Meditation
Each week we will have a different type of tea with her own story, which will be our medium to go deeper into meditation state, learn and taste cultures and stories of different places. It’s suitable for people who enjoy tea and want to integrate meditation into their daily rituals.
Raindrop Technique
Raindrop is a method developed by Dr. Young from 'Young Living'. This technique uses a therapeutic grade of essential oils to stimulate Vita flex points on the feet and the spine, which improves circulation, detoxes the body and aligns the energies.
Very light feathering strokes are used during this therapy helping to relax and recharge.
The power of the pure essential oils (9 of them are used during the treatment) helps to ease back and lower back issues, relax tense muscles after sports, and also safely release emotional strain.
Sekhem Energy Healing
Sekhem is Ancient Egyptian healing energy, channeled through an initiated practitioner. In a spiritual sense, the word Sekhem means 'might' or 'authority' and is linked to Sekhmet, the lioness-headed Goddess of change and destroying what no longer serves you.
Sekhem is a very powerful transformational force in energy healing.
Some of the benefits of Sekhem are: Assist us in manifesting our goals and healing our bodies. Increase our psychic powers and abilities to see energy. Increase our feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present. Increase awareness of who we are and about our relationships.
Yoga arts for women

Our studio offers a range of different techniques and methods to awaken a natural body's ability to restore and self-heal.

Sacred Feminine
Various practices for women with different practitioners, monthly workshops on energy, chakra alignment, ecstatic dance, yoga dance and chant, and many more.
Face Yoga
Face Yoga is a program designed for women to use some yoga asanas and self-massage to strengthen face muscles. It doesn’t start with the face directly, but first works with posture, shoulders, and neck to improve blood and lymph circulation around the face. Also, it helps to remove tension and signs of stress from the face.
Motherhood Support Circle
We are meeting weekly for Gentle yoga, suitable for pre-and post-natal conditions, deep relaxation, and meditation with singing bowls and discussions related to different stages of pregnancy, life with infants, breastfeeding, sharing birth stories.
Kids activities

We offer kids activities weekly in March: music, dance, yoga, meditation, and art.

Groups of children 4-8 y.o and 9-14 y.o.

To maintain a good hygiene level we will supervise kids to wash hands before and after the class, apply spray water solution with antibacterial/antivirus Thieves essential oil blend on their hands and feet, when the weather permits, will keep the windows fully open for better ventilation and do some activities on the outdoor terrace. The studio and the equipment are also cleaned after every class with Thieves cleaner.

Mindful Art for Kids
Mindful art with Leslie (mindfulness expressed through art, exploring mediums, drawing, painting, and special crafts) 4-8 yo.
Mindfulness Practice for Kids
Mindfulness with Sherry to focus on training our Hearts & Minds to not only survive but thrive in today’s world (Manage stress & Anxiety, Strengthen cognitive health & Attention, Model compassion and kindness, and more). Hearts and Minds Mindfulness Through Play, an exploration of the senses Ages 4-8. Building Resilience, empowering our youth to better manage stress, and increase emotional intelligence 9-14 yo.
Music Art for Kids
MusicArt, movements exploration, expression through music and art.

Playful Meditation

Meditation and Universe of sounds with singing bowls with Victoria Gagarina (mindfulness, learning about sound, vibration, connection of the body and mind.

Yoga for Children

Maintain a good posture, flexibility, and strength plus relaxation and meditation with Victoria Gagarina.

Yoga school
This program is primarily for those who want to move along the path of spiritual development, for those who want to immerse themselves in the practice and philosophy of one of the oldest traditions.
This program is for those who want to go beyond the capabilities of their body, increase the awareness and quality of their lives.
This program is for those who are ready to practice yoga disciplines, who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to do the same.
This program is for those who are ready to discover inner source of knowledge in themselves and share this knowledge with the world.

The program is run all year round and designed in such a way that you can choose a convenient pace for you to complete it. Based on your work and travel schedule you can accumulate hours by attending as many classes of practice and theory as you are able to. The fastest pace will allow you to get certified in 3.5 months, but you can spread your learning up to one year

Program includes
80 hours Technique training with Lead Teacher
5 hours of meditation & chanting
5 hours pranayama & bandhas
40 hours methodology
10 hours sequence construction
20 hours anatomy & physiology
30 hours philosophy & history
10 hours teaching practicum
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